It’s an age-old question for those that work in hospitals and medical facilities. What do you wear under your scrubs?

The scrubs themselves, while professional looking and easy to care for, are made of thin fabric – that means that they not very warm when the air conditioner is cranked in the summer, or when it’s cold in the winter. While they are very functional, scrub tops weren’t really designed for layering.

So what should you do?

The easiest thing to do is to put on a tee shirt under your scrubs. Most tees are a little baggy, however, and don’t fit well under another shirt. They also can be a little short, so they ride up when you bend over and don’t tuck in well. You may also find that they absorb moisture and get a little clammy during the day. After a few wearings, they can even begin to trap odors. That’s not good.

There is an alternative. Under Scrub has a line of shirts designed to wear under your scrub tops. They are made out of a wicking polyester fabric that will keep you dry, and will repel odors by killing off bacteria. These Under Scrub shirts are the perfect base layer, with long or short sleeves, a variety of colors, and a long length that allows them to be tucked in securely.

These shirts fit closely and are not too tight - nor are they baggy enough to interfere with your scrubs. For a better alternative of what to wear under your scrubs, try a medical tee shirt from Under Scrub.